Falafel Pizza
March 25, 2022
By Sari Arrow

I love when you can take food and eat it in a fun and nontraditional way. You can eat something deconstructed and you need to put it together yourself, or you can get creative. Think outside the box and try falafel pizza!

Typically falafel is eaten in a pita or in a salad. How can you be creative with something so simple? Falafel pizza! This is a fun build-your-own dinner for your family! To put it simply, you are still having falafel with pita, we are not changing that much. It is an open pita and you put the ingredients on top as if it were a pizza. Then, cut it into triangles and you have a delicious pizza!

Kids will absolutely love this! They get the chance to make their own food! Who doesn’t love that? Even better, they will think it is completely different than regular falafel because you are calling it pizza! So, what are you waiting for? Have a falafel pizza party tonight!

Falafel Pizza - Nosh of the Week