The Mission of the Holocaust Education Resource Organization is to:

Remember the survivors and victims

Teach the lessons of the Holocaust

Empower future generations to take action

History of HERO

In 1983, with the support of the Buffalo Jewish Federation, and a non-sectarian group of founders, Toby Ticktin Back brought the dream of a permanent way to honor and remember the survivors of the Holocaust to life when the Holocaust Resource Center of Buffalo (HRC) became part of the cultural landscape of Western New York. HRC’s mission was achieved through documentation and personal testimony of local holocaust survivors, educating future generations with in-school visits and presentations, and through a wide range of in-service workshops. In 2023, as we recognize that the world, our nation, and our community have changed, and we have new challenges, the Holocaust Resource Center of Buffalo transitioned to the Holocaust Education Resource Organization (HERO), to emphasize our importance of providing education and resources to the community.

Meet the Team

Lauren Bloomberg

Lauren Bloomberg

Director of Holocaust Education Resource Organization

(she/her) Lauren joins the HERO after a long career working in Jewish Education. She received her Honors Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies, her Bachelor of Education, and a certificate in Hebrew and Judaic Studies from York University in Toronto. Lauren spent her junior year studying at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In addition, Lauren was a Lainer Intern for Jewish Education of North America. Over the past 20 years she has taught in multiple Jewish schools in Canada and the US working with children of all ages. Lauren moved to Buffalo in 2008 and lives with her husband Rich, teenagers Marlowe and Reid, and her dog Buffy.

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Leadership Council

Wendy Weisbrot, Chair
Dr. Ann Marie Carosella, Past Chair
Jeff Blum, Community Engagement Chair
Judge Lisa Bloch Rodwin, Social Justice Chair
Monica Neuwirt, Honoring Survivors, Victims and Descendants Chair
Naomi Haefner, Education Chair
Justin Loeber, Teacher Support Chair

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Community Partners

HERO Buffalo - Anne Frank Project logo
Anne Frank Project

Improving the world one story at a time.

The Anne Frank Project uses storytelling as a vehicle for community building, conflict resolution, and identity exploration. Inspired by the wisdom of Anne Frank, AFP surfaces and shares stories stifled by oppression.

HERO Buffalo - Academy for Human Rights
The Academy for Human Rights

Ensuring a more just, equitable, and sustainable world.

Founded in 2008 by several teachers in Buffalo, the Academy for Human Rights (formerly known as The Summer Institute for Human Rights) was originally created to host a summer program for high school students. This Summer Symposium continues today, running for five days each July. In 2015, the Academy for Human Rights began offering professional development opportunities for teachers throughout the year as well.

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