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Living the Bible with Lentils and Tea

By Leslie Shuman Kramer This week’s parasha, Toldot, covers the well-known story of Jacob and Esau, fraternal twins who were very different from one another. Esau was a hunter, and gruff, and Jacob was more gentle and learned. It’s the story of deception-by both their...

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Gratitude during the Pandemic

By Mandy Weiss Each year since as far back as I can remember, my parents always began Thanksgiving with the Shehecheyanu: Baruch atah, Adonai Eloheinu, Melech haolam, shehecheyanu, v’kiy’manu, v’higyanu, laz’man hazeh.  Blessed are You, Adonai our God, Sovereign of...

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Into Our Hearts If Not Our Homes

By Rus Devorah Wallen I’m RD Wallen, and I’d like to share my T for 2, my Torah thought for 2 minutes, more or less ;)This week’s installment is dedicated to my husband, Eliyohu Michoel ben Perel Wallen whose birthday was the 14th of Cheshvan which was Sunday. Thanks,...

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Sharon Kostiner

We are delighted to cast this week’s spotlight on Sharon Kostiner who is celebrating her 25th year as a professional with the Jewish Community Center. Sharon began her JCC career as the Centerland Conference Center Coordinator. Her role soon grew to include special...

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Sofia Reisman

Last Shabbat, 14-year-old Sofia Reisman became a Bat Mitzvah.  The ceremony at the JCC in Getzville was live-streamed and only immediate family and few close family friends were able to gather. “At first, I was kind of upset as I was always looking forward to that...

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Mike Rawl

Welcome Mike Rawl! Later this month, the JCC will welcome Mike Rawl as their new CEO.  Mike is joining Jewish Buffalo after leading the JCC in Youngstown, Ohio.  For today’s Spotlight, we are pleased to reprint a segment of an interview with Mike that appears in this...

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Best Lentil Soup

By Leah Kramer In this week's Thought of the Week, my mom (Leslie Kramer) wrote about Jacob and Esau, mentioning how the stew talked about in their story aids us, the current readers, in our connection to the story itself. Food does that- the sense of taste can...

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Community Cookbook

By Leah Kramer Who?  YOU!What?  A COMMUNITY COOKBOOKWhere?  HILLEL OF BUFFALOWhen? BY SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 22 @ 5 PMWhy?  BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN BRINGING THE COMMUNITY TOGETHER WITH FOOD! Hello my fellow noshers!  This week I am turning the tables... and...

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Perfect Israeli Breakfast

By Leah Kramer This week’s Nosh of the Week is not sponsored by Trader Joe’s, but we wish it was. Even so, this week we are featuring an article that guides you through how to make the perfect Israeli breakfast using all items from a place that has been described as...

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