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Seeking a “Good Place”

By Dr. Theodore Steinberg “Utopia” is a funny word—intentionally.  It is based on two Greek words, “ou” and “topos,” that together mean “no place,” but in a Greek pun, it is also based on “eu” and “topos,” which means “a good place.”  So “utopia” actually means “a...

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Deceptively Simple

By Rob Goldberg Twenty-four years ago, our daughter Noa, now a married mother of two young boys and a principal of a Jewish day school in Los Angeles, became a Bat Mitzvah.  Emor, this week’s Torah portion from the Book of Leviticus (21:1 - 24:23), aligned with her...

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Did You Deal Honestly in Business?

By Steven Weiss In this week’s double Torah portion (Acharei / Kedoshim) the 6th Aliyah (4th Aliyah of Kedoshim) discusses business ethics: “In your business dealings, you must not commit a perversion of justice with regard to measures of length and area, weight, or...

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Marnie Cerrato

You don’t have to see Marnie Cerrato to know she is always smiling.  On the phone, her voice is full of positivity and brimming with enthusiasm.  Every topic is met with energy, but the two areas closest to her heart are family and social justice. Marnie lives in...

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Rabbi Everett Gendler

We are pleased to cast a spotlight this week on Jewish Civil Rights Activist Rabbi Everett Gendler, who is featured in the documentary Shared Legacies: The African-American Jewish Civil Rights Alliance, that is being virtually screened beginning this weekend through...

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Making it in Buffalo

By Vilona Trachtenberg After a year delay, and much anticipation, Made in Buffalo (MIB), is coming up this Sunday, April 25! Broadway star Cheryl Stern is the main act, and there will also be a number of talented local performers – dancers, drummers, and singers – who...

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Quinoa Tabbouleh w/Peas & Mint

By Leah Kramer Easy, peasy, quinoa tabbouleh! Or however the saying goes. This week’s recipe goes to an easy peasy lemon squeezy recipe that is sure to satisfy, refresh, and fill. This Quinoa tabbouleh with peas and mint was coined by none other than Jewish culinary...

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Roasted Butternut Squash with the works!

Orange Tahini, Walnuts and Za'atar!!! By Leah Kramer As the weather gets warmer and our outdoor patios are calling our names, what better way to spring into summer than with a fancy but easy recipe! This roasted butternut squash dish will have your stomach rumbling...

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9 Chickpea Recipes

By Leah Kramer As a college student figuring out how to cook for myself, my recent obsession has been none other than: the chickpea. Each grocery run has concluded in me marching up to the canned foods aisle and gazing longingly at the vast array of chickpeas,...

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