Disco Truffles
December 31, 2021
By Sari Arrow

Happy New Year! Are you ready to watch the ball drop? Have you made your new year’s resolution yet? I know that I am ready to see what the new year brings. However, before I can jump into 2022, I must share this unbelievable new year’s delight!

As you watch the ball drop this New Year’s Eve, enjoy a dessert that appropriately fits the theme – disco truffle balls!  When you take a bite, you will see the creamy, delicious filling. On the outside, you have mouthwatering chocolate that is dusted with a little bit of glitter to shine brightly into the new year!

Your friends and family will fall in love with this outstanding dessert. I can guarantee that you will receive requests to bring these to your next celebration. I know I will be making disco truffles to celebrate the new year, and you should too!

Disco Truffles - Nosh of the Week