Caprese Salad
August 19, 2022
By Sari Arrow

A simple, yet elegant dish, Caprese salad is the perfect dish to have on a summer day. Why go to a restaurant when you can buy fresh ingredients and make it yourself? Let’s master constructing this beloved dish.

Find the most beautiful and large tomato and slice it evenly. Layer the tomato slices with even slices of fresh mozzarella. Then, drizzle some extra-virgin olive oil, garnish with fresh basil leaves, and sprinkle salt and pepper to taste.

Caprese salad will feel refreshing after a long day of fun in the sun! The fresh ingredients and chilled temperature is a beautiful combination during this time of year. Feeling creative? Take Caprese salad to the next level and turn it into a panini or main dish! Let your creativity flow in the kitchen!

Caprese Salad - Nosh of the Week