Candied Sweet Potatoes
November 12, 2021
By Sari Arrow

It’s November and you know what that means! Thanksgiving is coming! My favorite part about Thanksgiving is all of the sides. In my family, everyone’s favorite dish is candied sweet potatoes. We only have it once a year and that day is surely approaching. 

Now, I tried to get my family’s recipe, but it is written on an index card somewhere in my grandmother’s house. So, I found a recipe that had promising reviews that sounds just like mine! 

Candied sweet potatoes are the perfect dish to add to your Thanksgiving spread. The sweetness of the candied potatoes helps balance the savory flavors on the rest of your plate. The beautiful orange of the sweet potato will brighten up your spread! Add this recipe to your to-do Thanksgiving list!

Candied Sweet Potatoes - Nosh of the Week