Sara Schultz
May 15, 2020

Since the pandemic began, Sara Schultz (along with her husband Steve) has stepped up a new activity she fondly refers to as “trashersizing”.  Almost every day she walks 2-5 miles picking up trash around the Village of Williamsville and Amherst State Park.

“It’s like being Marie Kondo for the streets and Parks,” said Sara “I pick up what definitely does not spark joy for most of us. It’s great exercise and a way to contribute to the community without breaking social distancing rules. I am hoping others will double up with the gloves, grab a sturdy bag and make their neighborhoods and parks beautiful!”

Sara reported that there has been a surge of surgical gloves, wipes and masks found on the roads and would like to remind others that littering and throwing their trash out of car windows is not only unfair to others, but is also against the law.

When thinking about the beauty of Amherst State Park, Sara said, “Helping keep her clean is a way of thanking her for the gifts she has given me.  The natural world has been my refuge during this time and I pray it will be cared for compassionately.”

Sara hopes that others will take it upon themselves to help keep the neighborhoods and parks clean and free of trash.  It is great exercise and very gratifying.

Feel free to reach out to Sara if you want to help out and get some suggestions of good areas to visit.  Sara can be reached via email HERE.

Sara Schultz - Sara Schultz Trashersizing scaled