Nandor Forgach
June 2, 2023

This week we cast a spotlight on Nandor Forgach, grandson of the late Tibor Baranski, who was named by Yad Vashem as a Righteous Among the Nations.  Tibor courageously helped to save thousands of Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust with the help of Monsignor Angelo Rotta, Hungary’s Papal Nuncio.

Nandor Forgach was born in Buffalo, the son of Dr. Peter, an immigrant from Hungary and his mother Kathleen, the daughter of American and Japanese descendants. Nandor attended Canisius High School and received degrees from Hobart and William Smith Colleges and Seton Hall University.  Growing up, Nandor said that his grandfather did not want praise or recognition for his incredible acts of bravery. He always responded: “I only did what God demanded of me.”

Nandor publicly shares his grandfather’s story and recently spoke to the Holocaust Resource Center’s Descendants group. When asked why he wants others to know about his grandfather’s courageous acts, he responds: “I want to share this story because he was a “Man for Others.” My grandfather and others of his generation during World War II looked evil in the eye and chose to do what is right. Unfortunately, today I do not believe we have the same gumption as we have not seen the same horrors my grandfather did.”

On June 4th at 1 pm at Forest Lawn Cemetery, the Holocaust Resource Center will partner with Forest Lawn to screen the Hungarian documentary, “Mindhalaig” the story of Tibor Baranski’s life and impact.  Tibor along with his wife Katalin are buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery.  Nandor will be joined with his father Peter and uncle Tibor Baranski Jr to answer questions following the film. “It is important to remember men like my grandfather,” concludes Nandor, “because if we do not we are bound to repeat history. I want him to remembered not only as a courageous man, but also as a model for doing the right thing in life.”

For more information and to register for this event, click HERE.

Nandor Forgach - Nandor Forgach