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Welcoming of the Stranger

By Cantor Penny S. Myers Have you ever experienced Yamim Noraim (Days of Awe) in a synagogue you had never been? What if you were there alone, without your family with you, not knowing a single person in the city, let alone in the synagogue? It sounds daunting,...

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Hope for the Future

By Ben Wolfson In this week’s Parsha, Ha’azinu, Moses sings his final song where he details his love for G-d and at the same time chastises his people; Moses recounts the blessings G-d had bestowed upon them and the wicked deeds the Israelites had committed. Rabbi...

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Our Quest for Peace

By Andy Shaevel The High Holy Days have always been a special time for me.  It is a time that we come together as family, as a community, and as a Jewish people (Kol Yisrael).  We, literally and figuratively, embrace our family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors with...

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Rick Ruberto

Far too often we hear of tombstones in Jewish cemeteries being desecrated or vandalized.  Yet, here in Buffalo we also have someone who took it upon himself to clean up a very important memorial located in one of our Jewish cemeteries on Pine Ridge Road. Rick Ruberto...

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Kara Kane

Today, we are pleased to cast a spotlight on the newest member of the professional team at Jewish Family Services of Western New York, Kara Kane.  Kara recently began her new post as Executive Assistant to Dr. Molly S. Carr, JFS CEO, after serving on the...

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Jacob Stiller

This week we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Jacob Stiller! Having grown up in four different states: Central New York, West Virginia, Minnesota, and Maine, Jacob moved to Buffalo in High School. Currently, Jacob is a Commercial and Residential Realtor with...

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Farmer’s Market Pasta

By Sari Arrow As summer comes to an end, you may find some leftover seasonal produce and not know what to do. I am all about using up leftovers and not letting anything go to waste. Take your seasonal produce and turn it into a culinary masterpiece. Farmer’s market...

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Spinach Mushroom Lasagna Rollups

By Sari Arrow Now that we are always online and using technology, the trends are always changing. Recently, the cooking trend is making lasagna rollups! So, I thought I would help you join the party! Lasagna rollups are great to make when you want to have lasagna for...

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Green Shakshuka

By Sari Arrow Eggs can be cooked in so many different ways. You could probably go two weeks without repeating the way that you cooked an egg. One of my favorite ways to have eggs is in shakshuka. Shakshuka is typically made with poached eggs, a spicy tomato sauce, and...

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