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Zelophehad’s Brave Daughters

By Evie Weinstein The week of July 4th is mixed with a smorgasbord of emotions filled with deep sorrow and grief, unleashed joy, and honor for our beloved country. You see, my dad, Rudy S. Miller passed away on July 5th when I was only 14 years old.  My mom Hilde...

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Who ever heard of a talking donkey?

By Howard Rosenhoch From my eight times traveling in Israel, a memory stands out of the night with my family at a campground just outside Ein Gedi, a kibbutz on the western shore of the Dead Sea, looking across the sea into neighboring Jordan at the mountains of Moab...

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Challenging Our Fears

By Deborah Goldman A lot happens in the weekly Torah portion Chukat. Moses is taught the purification laws of the red heifer, after 40 years the people arrive in the wilderness of Zin, Miriam dies, and Moses strikes the rock. Near the end of the portion, there is yet...

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Michelle Glozman & Phillip Shimanovich

Throughout the month of July, we will be casting a spotlight on several college students who are part of the new Summer Internship through Hillel at Buffalo. In this program, students work in their internship placements throughout Buffalo during the week, and on...

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Shelley Drake

By: Ezra N. Rich Leadership. Dedication. Community. These are some of the many words that come to mind when one thinks of Shelley C. Drake, the president of both the Western New York Region of M&T Bank and the M&T Charitable Foundation. Next week, on Monday,...

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Nathan Fox

This week we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Nathan Fox! Having grown up in Wisconsin, Nathan moved to Buffalo via New Jersey and Northeast Ohio at the height of the pandemic last summer. Nathan had a connection to Jewish Buffalo before moving to the city,...

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Black & White Cookie Popsicles

By Leah Kramer As a heat wave engulfs the entire Western hemisphere, it is time to break out those classic cool down treats. The most elite? Popsicles of course! Enjoyed by all, popsicles have weaseled their way into the coveted position of “Go-To Summer Treat”. I...

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Sheet-Pan Gnocchi

By Leah Kramer I don’t know about you guys, but I am constantly looking for different ways I can consume potatoes. We all have our go-to potato staple (mine is the breakfast potato from the Sunroom Cafe in Madison, Wisconsin for obvious reasons), but I have to say, a...

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Paleo Pound Cake

By Leah Kramer This week’s recipe has been a Kramer family staple this past week: a Paleo Pound Cake by the queen of internet recipes- Rachel Mansfield. This cake is incredibly easy to make, and it can be enjoyed by anyone with any myriad of dietary restrictions....

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