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My Jewish Buffalo - Jewish Thought of the week 2022
Blessings Received, Blessings Given

By Susan Goldberg Schwartz I have my 50th High School Reunion this summer! How can that be? It seems that I was just 18, feeling excited and anxious about what would come next. Today those feelings of excitement and anxiety are back as I wonder what comes next as I...

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Words Can Hurt and Words Can Heal

By Rob Goldberg In this week’s Torah portion, Behaalotecha (Numbers 8:1-12:16) there is a troubling moment when Miriam, the sister of Moses and Aaron, is punished by Gd after she speaks negatively of Moses for taking a Cushite woman to be his wife. The punishment,...

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Communal Responsibility

By Janet Gunner At the start of each Jewish New Year the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism Torah Fund Campaign issues a pin highlighting a tenet of Judaism that many women wear proudly. This year (5784) “Arevut” was highlighted, taken from the Babylonian Talmud...

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My Jewish Buffalo - Community Member Spotlight 2022
Marlowe Bloomberg and Noah Beiter

This week, we’re casting our spotlight on two outstanding high school seniors, Noah Beiter and Marlowe Bloomberg. Marlowe Bloomberg is a graduate of Williamsville North High School and will be attending Cornell University this fall to study Applied Economics and...

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Ozzy Enis

This week, we’re delighted to cast a spotlight on Williamsville East junior, Ozzy Enis. Ozzy is an active member in Jewish Buffalo and reads Torah weekly at Kehillat Ohr Tzion.  Ozzy just returned home after spending a week at the Summer Leaders Experience at West...

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Buffalo’s Israel Solidarity Mission

This week, we are proud to spotlight the 12 leaders of Jewish Buffalo who traveled to Israel this week for a five-day solidarity mission.  The jam-packed experience was guided by Alan Harkavy, brother-in-law of Jim Kramer and Leslie Shuman Kramer z”l, David and Cathy...

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My Jewish Buffalo - Nosh of the Week 2022
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake

By: Robin Kurss My husband’s favorite flavor of ice cream is Mint Chip. This is a super simple, make ahead dessert that’s great for a snack or dessert, great to take to a party or to have on hand for one of your own. You can easily swap out ice cream flavors to make...

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Sabich Dinner Bowl

By: Robin Kurss Whenever I ask my daughter what’s for dinner, she answers “bowls”. Whether you have kids at home, or not. . . sometimes it’s just fun to put what you’ve made for dinner, in a bowl. I love the sabich sandwich at Falafel Bar. . . I hope you’ll try this...

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Fresh Strawberry Pie

By: Robin Kurss Fresh Strawberry season has begun early in WNY!  When I was little, one of my favorite desserts was the fresh strawberry pie at Gleason’s Restaurant on Niagara Falls Boulevard near Sheridan. We would go there for dinner after Hebrew School at Temple...

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