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Giving Honor

By Rabbi Sara Rich Last time I checked, the Torah intends to teach us that there is only one God. Though called by many names, God is one, and we are not to consider any purported deity or any person as having divine status. And yet, in this week’s portion, Va’era, we...

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Who Am I?

By Ezra N. Rich We all know Moses for his role in heroically standing up to Pharaoh and leading the Israelites from slavery to freedom. Dayeinu! But what were the specific qualities that led to his success, and what can we learn from him that will allow us to stand...

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By Dr. Theodore Steinberg I have always wondered whether a person’s bar or bat mitzvah portion has some special significance for that person’s life.  This week’s portion, Vayechi, was my bar mitzvah portion.  It describes the deaths of Jacob and Joseph, Jacob’s often...

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Nicole Bard

After spending the last three years with the Buffalo Jewish Federation, Nicole Bard will be leaving at the end of the month to pursue new professional opportunities and be closer to family downstate. Nicole began working for Federation as an intern while she was a...

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Laura Wexler

Laura had an experience of a lifetime in Israel with the Buffalo MOMentum group last month. “While experiencing the beauty of the land in Israel, I never expected to learn that nothing is more beautiful than wisdom and experience, and to separate the role as a mom. We...

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Andy Gewurz

When Andy Gewurz became the President of Temple Beth Tzedek (TBT) in June 2018, he never imagined that so much of his energy would be focused on keeping his congregation safe and secure.  Due to the countless acts of antisemitism that have occurred in the United...

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Vegetarian Chili with Fritos

Quick, spicy, filling, and made mostly of pantry ingredients, this chili/tortilla soup/frito pie mash-up is calling your name. You can garnish with whatever toppings you like! Crispy salty Fritos are guaranteed to make this recipe rise above the rest!   Click below...

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Palascinta are Hungarian Crepes. They are slightly thinner than the French version due to the addition of seltzer water in the recipe. This is an easy, sweet traditional treat!   Click below for the recipe from The Nosher.

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Real Homemade Bagels

Here is a recipe for that authentic bagel flavor and texture... or so they say. On those cold Sunday mornings when you don't want to leave the house to get your bagel fix, give this recipe a try and let us know if it hits the spot!   Click below for the recipe from...

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