Michal Shmuel-Lewis & Nirit Weiner
April 24, 2020
Written by Hallie Keren, Kadimah Scholars at Park Board President

About a month ago the world came to a standstill. Schools shut down; uncertainty took over. The Kadimah Scholars at Park family waited for updates. The Park School of Buffalo quickly resumed classes in virtual classrooms. They were up and running at lightning speed. Leading the way were Michal Shmuel-Lewis and Nirit Weiner, our personal beacons of light. They provided comfort and support ‘the Kadimah way’ and also exceptional online classes. Hebrew and Judaics are taught in small groups, giving a voice to our students. Whether it be the Passover story, morning prayers or challah baking, together they were ever present. In the new physical distancing world, our teachers provided a social connection and comfort, personal calls, updates, and check ins.

As we adjust to our new guidelines, the Kadimah Scholars at Park family quickly adapted together with the ongoing support from the Park School of Buffalo.

Everyday teachers educate, lead, hold hands, wipe away tears and comfort our children. Regardless of the new format, our teachers successfully give our students the feeling of coming home. Thank you for all you do every day for our children and especially in this time of need.

As we look to the future, I hope that our eyes and hearts remain open and appreciative of what we have created at Kadimah scholars at Park.

Michal Shmuel-Lewis & Nirit Weiner - IMG 20200421 WA0006 Michal Shmuel-Lewis & Nirit Weiner - IMG 20200421 WA0007


Michal Shmuel-Lewis & Nirit Weiner - Michal Nirit split picture