Matt Wilson
August 25, 2023

Today we cast a spotlight on Matt Wilson who is celebrating his second anniversary at the JCC.  Matt came to the Center to make a difference; he was looking for something more fulfilling in a job and wanted to have direct access to children. He learned about the JCC because he has family members who work there and told him he would love it.

The JCC has given Matt the opportunity to impact kids’ lives. His favorite thing is that he can be himself, influence kids positively and have a profound effect on them.  Matt believes that if you show kids the qualities in yourself you think are important they will take them with them into being adults and you will have a profound effect on their lives.

Matt has relearned that there still needs to be something about each of us that reminds us of being a kid.  Personally, Matt was giving up on his dream of being a singer, but the kids with whom he works reminded him of his passion which led to his participation in American Idol .

American Idol exceeded all of Matt’s expectations especially how refreshing it was to be involved with so many supportive people. “I expected otherwise in this industry but it was not like that at all,” Matt reflects. “The stereotypes and preconceived notions you might have about the producers and the people who ran the show and the coaches are just not true. They were all people who cared about me and they remain good friends.”

Matt is an unusual young man who is gifted in many ways and whose religious life is a foundation of the way he walks through the world. He believes that God brought him to the JCC because the work has been so meaningful and a confirmation that he is doing something truly special which has been a joy for him.

We are grateful to Mark Horowitz, Chief People Office of the JCC, for submitting today’s Spotlight.

Matt Wilson - Matt Wilson photo