Bethany Halbreich and Cameron Sinclair
January 21, 2022

This month we are spotlighting several individuals who are participating in LiNK’s current Intro to Judaism class.  Today, we are delighted to feature Bethany Halbreich and Cameron Sinclair.

Cameron is a designer and social entrepreneur and Bethany runs a strategic consulting and design agency in addition to being founder of Paint The World, an international arts-based nonprofit.

Bethany was raised in a multi-faith household in Buffalo, while Cameron grew up between Episcopalian and Methodism in Bath, UK. “Over the years, both of us have worked and traveled the world, allowing us to interact, understand and experience many faiths,” described Cameron.  “Our lifelong curiosity of other communities has shaped how we see the world and each other, and eventually, led us to think about how we understand our pasts and how we build a future together.”

As their relationship deepened, Cameron and Bethany began to speak at length about the social values that are intrinsically woven within the Jewish faith, the focus on building community and the strength found in supporting the betterment of others. As Bethany has strong ties to the Buffalo community they discussed participating in the Intro to Judaism course, that for Cameron was a learning experience and for Bethany a refresher of sorts.

“Bethany and I have greatly enjoyed participating in the course together,” Cameron added. “It has been tremendously insightful to hear and learn with other students, many of whom are discovering the faith for the first time. The inquisitive nature of the group has been thought-provoking and always challenges the speakers!”

For more information on the new Intro to Judaism class beginning February 2nd, or any other Adult Learning through LiNK click HERE, register at BIT.LY/LINKADULTSPRING2022  or if you’d like to speak with Susan Schwartz, email her here.

Bethany Halbreich and Cameron Sinclair - Cameron and Bethany