Nathan Fox
June 18, 2021

This week we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Nathan Fox! Having grown up in Wisconsin, Nathan moved to Buffalo via New Jersey and Northeast Ohio at the height of the pandemic last summer. Nathan had a connection to Jewish Buffalo before moving to the city, knowing Rabbi Sara and Ezra Rich from his community in New Jersey. 

Nathan is an avid cyclist and math and statistics professor at Canisius College (he choose his Tonawanda home so he could bike to his office at Canisius).  Since moving to Buffalo, Nathan has also become active in Nickel City Jews. Reflecting on his NCJ experience, Nathan said: “Nickel City Jews has provided me with meaningful opportunities to connect with my Jewish peers in the area at a time when meeting new people is otherwise challenging.”

Nathan has also made his mark at Canisius, receiving the Project NExT Fellowship, a year-long professional development program for new or recent PhDs in the field of mathematical sciences. The fellowship will help Nathan connect with award-winning educators and innovators throughout the country and help him build his academic career.

We are so happy that Nathan moved to Buffalo last summer and we are so glad that Nathan is part of Jewish Buffalo!

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