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Loving Our Neighbors

By Deborah Goldman I have been doing a lot of thinking about the Jewish text, “Love your neighbor as yourself”, particularly because I will be chanting part of the Yom Kippur mincha service at Temple Beth Zion.   W.G. Plaut, noted Reform Rabbi who fled Nazi Germany...

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The Tale of Challah Roll Man

By Rabbi Adam Rosenbaum During this season of repentance and forgiveness, I’d like to tell a story of a time I turned a molehill into a mountain. I was a text teacher at a Jewish sleepaway camp the summer after graduating college. As a “specialty staff” member, I was...

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Keeping Traditions Alive

By Ellen Weiss Steven and I do not watch a lot of TV.  However, we love watching shows about cooking, food, chefs, restaurants, etc. We wait anxiously for the next season of TOP CHEF – a reality cooking competition on Bravo featuring up and coming chefs from around...

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Norman Weinberg

Dr. Norman Weinberg, organic chemist by training and a long-time member of Jewish Buffalo along with his wife Hannah, is a true renaissance man. Passionate about science, his family, Judaism, the state of our oceans and lakes and more, Norman has also just published...

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The Zeftel Family

When the pandemic began, the Zeftel family packed up their New York City apartment and headed to Kenmore to ride out the uncertainty.  Jon, a native Buffalonian, and his wife Jenni married in April 2017 and their daughter Violet was born last December.  With a new...

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Joan Kwiatkowski

Meet the BJF Team! The Buffalo Jewish Federation team is made up of a diverse group of professionals who work to fulfill the vision of creating a robust, caring and connected Jewish Buffalo.  Today, meet Joan Kwiatkowski, who joined the Federation team in August...

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Falafel Waffles

A recipe combining two of the world’s greatest meals: waffles and falafel! This dish offers a twist on your breakfast, allowing for the first and arguably most important meal of the day to become the most delicious one as well. Ready in 20 minutes, it is easy,...

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Shwarma Chicken Kebab

With outdoor barbecuing weather winding down, it is pertinent that we take advantage of the time we have with some stellar recipes. This Shawarma Chicken Kebab Recipe is the perfect protein to add to your lunch or dinner, filled with tons of spices and flavors to make...

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Pull-Apart Rugelach Cake

A delicious and nostalgic dessert, this Pull-Apart Rugelach Cake Recipe is set up for success. This recipe takes a bit of time and patience, but the outcome is absolutely worth it. In terms of types of rugelach, this recipe follows the Israeli version, meaning it uses...

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