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Turning the Year Around

By Rabbi Jonathan Freirich We must have hope! Last month at the Biennial of the Union of Reform Judaism in Chicago, many of us from Buffalo and all across North America got to learn with Dr. Miriam Heller Stern, the National Director of the School of Education and...

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By Rus Devorah Wallen Rus Devorah Wallen is a musician, healer and teacher.  She has worked both within and outside the Lubavitch community for over 40 years leading workshops, delivering lectures and working one on one with a variety of learners and seekers.  Today,...

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Listening to the Angels

Two days ago, we welcomed home 15 Buffalo Moms who had just experienced a life-changing journey in Israel as part of the Momentum program.  In their honor, we are pleased to share these words of Torah from Rabbi Ori Bergman of Kehillat Ohr Tzion. In this week’s Torah...

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Susan Case DeMari

Susan Case DeMari became Jewish Buffalo’s first ever Community Security Coordinator in Spring 2019.  A native of Buffalo, Susan currently resides in Central New York where she also serves as their Community Security Coordinator.  Last month, Susan was also appointed...

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Dr. Theodore Steinberg

When Phyllis and I retired to Buffalo, as so many people do, we thought we would lead a leisurely existence of going to the Buffalo Philharmonic, visiting art galleries, and shoveling snow.  And then reality intruded.  Phyllis had already been involved in Hadassah for...

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The Swerdlin Family

During the middle of the snow storm last week, the Swerdlin family moved to Buffalo from Birmingham, AL.  Dr. Zoey Glick and her husband Matthew Swerdlin, JD made the decision to move back to Zoey's hometown over the last year.  They had stayed in Birmingham for the...

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Honey Halvah

Halvah is a multicultural sweet confection present in Jewish and Arab cuisines. This type of halvah has a crumbly texture as it is made from tahini (sesame seed paste). It can be stored for a good while in the fridge, so it is a great option to make ahead of time and...

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Leftover Latkes

If you have some leftover latkes, here is a great alternative to enjoy them again ... for breakfast!   Click below for the recipe from Cooking Light to have a delicious breakfast hash made with whatever ingredients you can find in your fridge.   Enjoy!

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Sarah’s Applesauce

This easy - 4 ingredient - 30 minute - applesauce recipe will be the perfect topping for your Hanukkah Latkes.   Click below for the recipe from Allrecipes (bonus - it even comes with a video if you want to see how it's made!)   Enjoy!

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