Judy Sperry
July 14, 2023

We are delighted to cast today’s spotlight on Judy Sperry, the newest team member at Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies. Among Judy’s roles with Foundation is to launch the impactful Stones of Remembrance Campaign that will play a critical role in raising funds for ongoing restoration, preservation, and beautification projects that will take place at historic Jewish Cemeteries located on Pine Ridge Road and Doat Street.  The campaign is especially significant as it coincides with the restoration of Temple Beth Zion and The Bicentennial Anniversary of Jewish Life in the Greater Buffalo Niagara Region.

“We extend a warm welcome to Judy as she joins the Foundation, fully aware that her work will have a profound impact on the Jewish community in Buffalo,” expressed Irv Levy, Executive Director of the Foundation. “The preservation of TBZ and the cemeteries holds immense historical value, and Judy has already connected us with potential sources of funding, ensuring that they continue to be proud legacies for our community.”

Judy is a distinguished graduate of Northwestern University, where she pursued studies in American Literature, Journalism, and Violin Performance. After completing her college education, she returned to her hometown of Buffalo, NY in 2007 to embark on a career in Journalism.

In addition to her dedicated involvement in spearheading fundraising campaigns, Judy finds joy in spending quality time with her husband, family, and friends. She is an avid enthusiast of classical music, a passionate naturalist, and an adventurous world traveler.

Judy Sperry - Judith Sperry