Jennifer Patrick
May 28, 2021

Over the past several months the Buffalo Jewish Federation has invested significant resources in the development of an extraordinary virtual history center under the guidance of Jewish historian Dr. Chana Kotzin. (Check it out here).  We are delighted that Jennifer Patrick, on whom we shed a spotlight today, is working with Chana and a team of volunteers to oversee and help to promote the new Center. 

Jennifer Patrick brings to her volunteer work an outstanding set of skills and experience.  Professionally, she is the Director of Executive Education & Leadership at the Canisius College Wehle School of Business.  She has an MBA from Canisius and a history degree from the University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario).  When not supporting graduate students, she works with young, emerging professionals and executives in her business, Unique2Me Resumes + Coaching. 

With an American father (USMC) and Canadian mother, Jennifer calls Fort Erie home.  Growing up in Los Angeles and Niagara Falls, Ontario, she ultimately forged relationships in Buffalo and regards her Jewish “home” to be here in Western New York.  “I’m quite frankly blessed to have such a wonderful circle of interesting, caring friends,” she remarked.  “My family is in Niagara, Mississauga and DC, so my friends here mean a great deal, as does my spiritual home at Congregation Beth Abraham.”

Jennifer loves all things historical (and Buffalo) and expounds upon the transformative experience of Israel, when in 2018, she traveled with the Federation on the BIE (Buffalo Israel Experience).  “Now more than ever, I want us to embrace the learning that our past affords.  I’m so proud to be volunteering for The Federation and supporting the Committee and Chana Kotzin’s important work.”

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