Carol Froehlich

(M.S.W. – Specialization Family Systems and Group Work) is a second generation Holocaust survivor. Both of her parents, Edith (Stern) Froehlich and Walter Froehlich were local Holocaust survivors. Her grandmother Elly (Capell) Stern, grandfather Arthur Stern, and great grandmother Sophie (Hammel) Capell were also Buffalo Holocaust survivors.

Carol is a Clinical Social Worker that has been providing psychotherapeutic services with children, adolescents, and adults for the past 35+ years. She feels compelled to share the story of her parents so their legacies will live on.

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Summary of Presentation

The presentation is the story of Edith (Stern) Froehlich’s life, born in in Frankfurt, Germany in 1923. It explores what she experienced growing up as the Nazi regime took power, how she escaped as a teenager via the Kindertransport, and her journey to America in 1941, where she reunites with her parents and grandmother. Her husband, Walter Froehlich, born 1916 in Eisenberg (in the Pfalz), Germany escaped to the U.S. in 1936 and then served in the U.S. Army both in France and Germany. Walter and Edith wrote daily to each other for 3 years before meeting at the end of the War.

The presentation uses photographs, documents, artifacts, and videos to examine the lives both Edith and Walter had before Hitler came to power, how they were able to survive and the amazing legacy they were able to leave behind.


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