Leadership Investment

Leadership Investment for the Buffalo Israel Experience

The Buffalo Jewish Federation is excited to share plans to invest in a group of Buffalo Israel Experience (BIE) participants who can make significant leadership contributions to Jewish Buffalo during the trip and upon returning home. We believe that by investing in leaders and strengthening their connections both to Israel and to each other we strengthen and benefit the entire community.

This leadership investment will take the form of a significant subsidy towards the total cost of the BIE. The dollar amount awarded for each investment will be shared upon acceptance and is inclusive of other discounts which have already been applied.

We will invest in individuals who meet the following qualifications:

  • Are full-time residents of Buffalo;
  • Agree to participate in one pre-trip meeting and one post trip meeting with BIE leadership, dates to be determined;
  • Contribute to post-trip engagement opportunities;
  • Willingness to assume a leadership role on the Buffalo Israel Experience (to be determined in collaboration with the BIE leadership team); and commit to a post trip project/role (to be determined in collaboration with the leadership team.)

If you are interested in applying for a Leadership Award, please complete the short application form below by May 15th, 2018. You are encouraged to submit a post trip project/role of responsibility that would be both meaningful to you and serve the community. The lists below are simple suggestions, we will consider other ideas if you choose to submit them.


  • Questions:

  • (please see the suggested project list below)

Suggested Project List

On the trip

  • Document the experience: Use Video, Blogging, Photos, Audio Interviews
  • Take an active leadership role on the trip: Teach, Lead an Experience, Share Your Talents
  • Shabbat: Create, facilitate, lead Shabbat experiences
  • Develop relationships: engage with 10 new people and work to know them well by the end of the trip. Plan post trip experiences with this group.

Post trip

  • Host a Shabbat dinner; include participants from the trip.
  • Host/develop a new Mussar cohort with trip participants included.
  • Get involved in a leadership capacity within P2G.
  • Attend the 2019 GA.
  • Host a CRI (Community Relations Initiative) event.