Anna Steinberg
May 22, 2020

At 21 years old, Anna Steinberg was given several diagnoses including Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder.  Life had been challenging up to that point, but with a clear understanding of her medical condition, Anna was able to comprehend why her brain functioned in mysterious ways.  And also, she wasn’t alone.

Now at 33 years old, Anna is learning how to live with her mental health.  Part of her self-care includes advocating for others with mental health challenges.  There is a huge stigma associated with individuals who have similar struggles, and this causes many people to stay silent and suffer alone. 

One thing Anna discovered about herself was an intense love for baking.  She always thought she’d open a restaurant or bakery someday, but that seemed like a far off goal… until the Covid-19 pandemic!

Anna lives alone and she knew that prolonged isolation during the pandemic could intensify her symptoms, potentially putting her in a serious medical situation.  She quickly sprang into action, reached out to friends with technology and business skills, and established her new venture: Borderline Bakery.

Anna is now a baking machine, pumping out Challah (available in plain, sesame, everything and cinnamon raisin), Swirly Bread (available in cheddar, pesto or cinnamon), and Soft Pretzels (available in plain, salted, sesame, everything and cinnamon sugar).  Orders are taken via an online form with no-contact delivery options for a minimal cost.

“The bakery has truly been the most amazing thing to happen because of this situation,” reported Anna. “Baking relieves stress, and I’m proof!”

You can visit Anna’s facebook page: Borderline Bakery to read reviews and see pictures of her beautiful creations.

If you or someone you know could use the support of a trained counselor during this challenging time, please contact Jewish Family Service.  They have counseling services and are accepting new clients.  Telehealth services are available by phone and web.  Call 716-883-1914 or complete this form to make an appointment.

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