Andy Gewurz
January 10, 2020

When Andy Gewurz became the President of Temple Beth Tzedek (TBT) in June 2018, he never imagined that so much of his energy would be focused on keeping his congregation safe and secure.  Due to the countless acts of antisemitism that have occurred in the United States and around the world, Andy made security a top priority for TBT.  With the help of Jewish Buffalo’s Community Security Coordinator, Susan Case DeMari, TBT completed a threat assessment and was given a long list of recommended security upgrades.

Under Andy’s leadership, along with help from the Secure Jewish Buffalo Fund, TBT was able to implement all of the suggestions on the list, for a total cost of $55,000. A Security Committee, headed by Ed Case, was formed to help implement the improvements.   Some of the steps the temple has also taken to ensure a safer Jewish Buffalo include:

  • Updated Emergency Procedures Manual
  • Active Shooter, Usher, and Stop The Bleed trainings for congregants
  • Armed Police Officer present during services
  • And more!

Andy shares the vision of a safer Jewish Buffalo for everyone in 2020, which is a never-ending process of reevaluating the current systems and implementing upgrades.

Many other synagogues and Jewish institutions in and around Buffalo have also taken incredible steps to ensure a safer Jewish Buffalo.  Click here for more information on our security efforts.

Kol HaKavod Andy on your extraordinary leadership to strengthen Temple Beth Tzedek and provide a sense of empowerment and increased vigilance that will ensure a more secure Jewish Buffalo.


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