Nurit Fischer-Shemer

(PhD, University at Buffalo School of Social Work) was born and raised in Israel and moved to Buffalo in 2003. Her grandparents were Transylvanian Holocaust survivors who moved to Israel after the war to start a new life. Nurit has a Pharmacy degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, a Master in Science Education from Be’er-Sheva University of the Negev, a Master in Social Work from UB and a PhD in Social Welfare. Nurit researches the multigenerational effects of mass traumatic events on individuals, families and communities, with a focus on the offspring of Holocaust survivors, and is currently an instructor at the UB School of Social Work.

Nurit Fischer-Shemer - Nurit Fischer Shemer sm

Summary of Presentation

The survival story of Savta (grandmother in Hebrew) Ibi during the Holocaust: Born in 1924, Ibi was the firstborn of Mordechai and Margret. Life in Transylvania changed when the Germans arrived, sending the Jewish population first to Satu-Mare Ghetto and later to Auschwitz Birkenau. Narrated through the lens of Ibi’s many names and identities, the story begins with Ibi’s journey from her hometown to the ghetto, from the ghetto to Auschwitz, and from Auschwitz to a labor camp, before describing her experiences at the death march and, finally, life after liberation.


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