Vegetarian Chili with a Surprise Topping
January 7, 2022
By Sari Arrow

In the winter, it is so nice to have a warm meal that heats your entire body. For me, that is a nice bowl of chili. Chili is one of those comfort foods that make the perfect ending to any cold winter day. 

Chili is a hearty meal that will heat and fill you up. One thing that I love about chili is that the temperature is not the only thing that heats you. The combinations of spices bring on a heatwave that is too good to resist. The kick of the classic chili spices will leave you wanting more.

Sometimes it can be hard to get kids to eat their vegetables. So, why not trick them into liking it? Add a fun topping to the chili to make your kids excited to try it. How about some Fritos? Any other chip will do! I promise your kids will be so excited that they get to “have chips for dinner”. Meanwhile, you know that they will have a veggie-filled meal!

Vegetarian Chili with a Surprise Topping - Nosh of the Week