Vegetable Lo Mein
December 24, 2021
By Sari Arrow

‘Tis the season to bundle up, watch a movie, and eat Chinese food! My family and I get Chinese takeout all the time. Recently, it has been a goal of mine to try to replicate the dishes that we order from restaurants because they could be healthier. Anyway, who doesn’t, love a challenge?

Lo mein is one of my family’s favorite dishes. We love to order a bunch of different dishes and try a little bit of everything. Vegetable lo mein is a great side to compliment a protein-based dish. You could also spice up your lo mein with your choice of protein and all of your favorite vegetables. Turn everyone’s favorite side dish into the ultimate main course!

Kick back and relax during this holiday season and try out some new recipes! Join me in trying to replicate some of my favorite classic meals! Do you have your movie picked out yet? Happy holidays!

Vegetable Lo Mein - Nosh of the Week