The Stars of A Woman’s Work of Heart and Soul #2
November 11, 2022

Today, we cast a spotlight on some of the stars who will be participating in  “A Woman’s Work of Heart and Soul #2” – a musically inspirational day on Sunday, November 27.  The event is made possible by The TELLL Fund.

Among the highlights of the program will be Karen Drucker of San Francisco, who will be sharing her message of healing and love as she entertains and regales those assembled with positive and uplifting messages and inspiring stories and songs. Karen uses her inspirational music to open hearts through her message of hope, acceptance, and love.

Mirele Rosenberger is the event’s music director.  A pianist, composer, arranger and musician par excellence, Mirele’s virtuosity, flexibility, and broad stylistic repertoire make her extremely versatile. Classically trained, she is comfortable with jazz, classical, pop, rock, Chassidic, and other genres.

Carolyn Zimmermann, founder of “Drum4Health” in Buffalo, is a drummer, educator, and healer. She conducts drum circles to build community, self-esteem, creativity, and a sense of well-being.  With her instruments, she facilitates recreational music and will share her gifts during the program as well as serve as the stage drummer!

Kohava Howard is a holistic practitioner of various healing arts. A holistic nurse for 37 years,  she teaches Yoga Dance, “Brain Gym,” and more. She blends her therapeutic modalities and expertise to help women grow and evolve to attain their highest potential with their unique inner strengths.

Native Buffalonian Yonina Andrea Foster is a musician, singer, Jewish educator, engager, and rabbinic candidate. Currently Activities Director at the Jewish Federation Apartments, she is filled with enthusiasm and love of people, Yonina warms the soul, bringing inspiration wherever she goes.

Lastly, Chavi Rappaport from Toronto will be one of the program’s soloists. Passionate about singing since early childhood, she loves inspiring others through music, the “language of the soul.” She recently released her song and brand, “Ashira by Chavi.”

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The Stars of A Woman's Work of Heart and Soul #2 - Karen Headshot

Karen Drucker headlines A Woman’s Work of Heart and Soul #2