Summer Squash and Basil Pasta
August 27, 2021
By Sari Arrow

Are you looking for a healthy recipe that will also satisfy your love for carbs? Well, I have got the perfect dish for you!

Introducing, summer squash and basil pasta! A dish that is simple and easy to cook. As the pasta cooks in the water, your vegetables will be sautéing at the same time. This dish will be great to have on the menu, even on your busiest nights. Once you try it, this pasta dish will become a staple in your home! Who doesn’t like having a homecooked meal?

Another exciting quality of this delicious meal is that it could be modified to meet any dietary restriction or cater to a picky eater! It is already a vegetarian recipe, but it could easily be vegan or gluten-free as well! You can add more vegetables, throw in a protein, and make it your own. Recipes that have room for creativity in the kitchen are the best! The sky is the limit with summer squash and basil pasta!

Summer Squash and Basil Pasta - Nosh of the Week