Stump the Cook Buffalo Style
March 20, 2020

Now is the time to take extra good care of others and ourselves.  What we eat can make a big difference in our physical and emotional health.

Jordana Halpern, certified Nutrition Counselor and Holistic Health Counselor, is able to help anyone who is wondering what to do with the food they have on hand so they can make delicious, comforting and healthy meals.

For hours of fun, you can listen to NPR’s Stump the Cook.  It’s a great podcast where chefs are challenged to make something delicious using limited ingredients.  Check it out HERE.

If you’re looking for ideas, inspiration, or need suggestions, you can email Jordana HERE.

Send a list of ingredients and she’ll send you recipe suggestions.  If you have any specific needs (gluten free, high blood pressure, diabetic, food preferences and dislikes) make sure to include those as well.

Here’s to us working together and helping each other stay healthy and well, body, mind and soul.

Stump the Cook Buffalo Style - Nosh of the Week