Spinach Mushroom Lasagna Rollups
September 17, 2021
By Sari Arrow

Now that we are always online and using technology, the trends are always changing. Recently, the cooking trend is making lasagna rollups! So, I thought I would help you join the party!

Lasagna rollups are great to make when you want to have lasagna for one serving. It saves the hassle of making a whole lasagna, cutting into it, making a mess, and having leftovers for days. I know, sometimes we need a break from leftovers.

Lately, on TikTok, people are getting creative with their lasagna rollups. You can choose whatever vegetables you would like. All you need to do is cook the lasagna noodle, lay it down and spread your filling on the noodle, roll it up and bake! What some people online are doing is baking it in the air fryer, so it has the crunch of an eggroll. Lasagna rollups, no matter how you make them, will be an easy meal for you to make during the week!

Spinach Mushroom Lasagna Rollups - Nosh of the Week