Spelt Banana Bread with Chocolate, Dates & Tahini
April 16, 2021
By Leah Kramer

Everyone loves a good banana bread, from classic to healthy to super sweet, so the obvious next choice for the esteemed dessert is this recipe! Spelt Banana Bread with Chocolate, Dates and Tahini. If I am being honest, just the title of this recipe sold me. It truly mixes all of my favorite things (bananas, bread, chocolate, dates, tahini) into one superb treat. And to make things even more perfect, this recipe is incredibly simple! Once all the ingredients are collected, you just mix it all together, give it a kiss for good luck and send it on its way to the oven for 60-65 minutes. It’ll be hard to social distance once your neighbors get a whiff of you baking this stellar dish!