Saucy Mediterranean Chicken with Rice
February 3, 2023
By Sari Arrow

This weekend is going to be a cold one, which means it is time to break out our warmest and most comforting meals. Rather than the traditional American comfort foods like macaroni and cheese, I wanted to think of a healthy option that would provide the same qualities for a meal. Saucy Mediterranean chicken with rice will check off your boxes when looking for the perfect meal to serve during the coldest days of the year. In my opinion, the traditional Mediterranean spices and seasonings warm the heart in ways that other spice combinations simply cannot match. 

Sometimes, the easiest and most tasty meals could be done in one pan! If you want to add extra components, try adding in your favorite vegetables. This dish is undoubtedly one that will be great to keep in your back pocket for a busy weeknight. From my experience, this also tends to freeze very well. I like to cook it on the weekends and prepare meals for the week by freezing it in portions for dinner. This way, after a long day of working and studying, I get to enjoy a nice healthy meal to fuel my brain.

Saucy Mediterranean Chicken with Rice - Nosh of the Week 2022