Rona Kaufmann
April 28, 2023

In honor of Yom Haatzmaut, Israels Independence Day, this month we are shining a spotlight on Israelis who have chosen to call Buffalo home. Today, we shine the spotlight on Rona Kaufmann.

Rona Kaufmann, a Health & Wellness coach, has lived an adventurous life. She was born and raised in Tel Aviv and spent most of her childhood playing on the beach with her family in Herzliya. After graduating from high-school and before going to university – completing 2 years of military service at the Ministry of Defense –  she went on to receive her BA in Criminology & Sociology, followed by her MBA in Business Management, both from Bar-Ilan University.

Rona worked in several well-known accounting, hi-tech and e-commerce companies holding several positions. She came to Buffalo a few years ago to visit a childhood friend from high school, and after dating for a year, they got married and now have two daughters, Romi (4.5) and Eden (21 months).

Since moving to Buffalo, Rona has worked in her husband’s locksmith and real estate businesses. However, she has recently shifted her focus towards her passion for helping others and has become a certified Health & Wellness coach from the AFPA institution.

One of the things that Rona loves about Israeli culture is the nature of people in Israel, which she believes is inviting and friendly: “Israelis love to have a good time, laugh, and enjoy the simple things in life.”   Rona is also proud of Israeli’s unique ability to “think outside the box” in challenging situations that require creative and innovative solutions. She also admires the Israeli culture’s determination to stand their ground and fight for what they passionately believe.

Rona has embraced American culture and loves the “everything big” mentality, from entertainment, cities and sporting events.  “I also discovered the big hearts of people here which is so warm and kind!” she notes. 

What Rona wants people to know is that, despite its small size, Israel is an advanced and modern country, especially considering its young age. She feels that Israel is sometimes becoming like a “small America”. She would like people to know that Israel is a beautiful place to travel and explore, from the beaches, the sights, the food, and the people.

Rona’s biggest hope for Israel is to see it blooming with greater unity and without the current political disputes. As for herself, she hopes to raise her daughters happily and peacefully in Buffalo while continuing to be a part of Jewish heritage and serving her Buffalonian community.

The community is invited to celebrate Israel’s 75th anniversary on Sunday, April 30 at Noon at the Gretchen Gross Omanut Building on the Irving M. Shuman Campgrounds.  Enjoy traditional Israeli food, bounce houses, fun activities, and an upbeat performance of classic and modern Israeli music from TLV band, the premier Israeli music cover band in North America.

Thank you to Elisha Amiri, JCC Israel Program Coordinator for submitting today’s spotlight.

Rona Kaufmann - Rona