Rice Pilaf with Lemony Brown-Butter Mushrooms
November 11, 2022
By Sari Arrow

It is finally time to start planning what is going to be a part of your Thanksgiving dinner! One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is seeing my family that I only get to see during the major holiday gatherings. Something that is always interesting to me about this holiday season is getting to see the beautiful photos of other people’s spread. Not every family had the same dishes at their Thanksgiving table, and I love seeing the different traditions that my friends have with their families. 

An easy and flavorful side dish you can add to your spread is a rice pilaf with lemony brown-butter mushrooms. This dish is one that I make all the time. I like to keep it in my back pocket because it pairs so nicely with a large variety of main dishes. For Thanksgiving, this is a very visually appealing dish to add to the table. It will add more variety to the favors and colors that are on your plate. Whether you make it for the holiday or not, you will still love this dish!

Rice Pilaf with Lemony Brown-Butter Mushrooms - Nosh of the Week