Mocha Cake
April 28, 2023
By Sari Arrow

Every morning, I start my day with a cup of coffee. Coffee is my favorite drink and I could have it all day long, not for the caffeine but for the flavor. Whenever I have to decide what I want for dessert, I always gravitate towards the coffee-flavored ice cream or cake to satisfy my sweet tooth. 

If you’re like me, try making a mocha cake! This cake will match all of your coffee desires. It is so delicious, moist, and easy to make! It takes very little preparation and time! Don’t worry, it’s not too overpowering with coffee. The coffee flavor is balanced with chocolate.

As with any other cake, be careful not to bake it for too long. If you do, it will come out too dry. After your cake is ready, drizzle some confectioner’s sugar mixed with water for a light glaze. After that, all you need is a fork to dig in and enjoy! If you happen to have any leftovers, have a slice for breakfast with a cup of coffee to start the day with a little treat!

Mocha Cake - Nosh of the Week 2022