Mixed Berry Cornmeal Biscuit Shortcakes
May 25, 2023
By Sari Arrow

The warm weather is finally here! Once it begins to get warmer outside, I always feel more inclined to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. It is my goal to bring as many fresh ingredients as possible into my recipes and meals. 

There is no better way to incorporate fresh ingredients into any dessert or breakfast dish. The inspiration for this week actually came from my trip to Wegmans this weekend. When I entered the store, I was greeted with a stand for the ingredients for strawberry shortcake. It just looked so good that I knew I needed to look into it more.

This delicious sweet has homemade whipped cream and macerated berries. Making biscuits can be a bit of a challenge because you do not want to overwork the dough. However, we are always up for the challenge! Enjoy this sweet and creamy treat this spring and don’t forget to spend some time outside! Enjoy the nice weather!

Mixed Berry Cornmeal Biscuit Shortcakes - Nosh of the Week 2022