Make Your Own Edible Sukkah
October 9, 2020
By Leah Kramer

We are at the end of our 2020 High Holiday celebrations. I want to take a quick moment to celebrate our community: We did it! We got through the High Holidays during a global pandemic. We shared recipes, virtual hugs, zoom prayers, and more. While we say goodbye to this year’s High Holiday season, we must look back on how we have adapted and have grown to take full advantage of what is safe in our community in order to feel fulfilled and together.

Now, as we prepared for a different kind of sukkot, what better way to engage with family and friends through making an edible sukkah! This article provides wonderful and detailed instructions on how to create a safe, efficient, and yummy infrastructure. The creativity with this recipe is limitless, and the simplicity makes it a great activity for all ages. It is the perfect way to send off this fruitful holiday, as well as the High Holiday season.

Click below for the instructions!

Make Your Own Edible Sukkah - Nosh of the Week