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Made in Buffalo presents Cheryl Stern:

VIP Pre-Event

April 26, 2020 | 5 PM
Smith Theatre/Shea’s Bistro

Join us for this exclusive event and help support Made In Buffalo!

$150 to include:

Open bar cocktail party

Plentiful food catered by Luscious by Lori (kosher non-dairy)

Local performers

Admission to the 7 pm Shoes and Baggage show

Local Performers

(more to come!)

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Devi Bollywood Performing Arts Indian Dance Troupe

This vibrant Bollywood troupe showcases an impressive array of Indian dances from all backgrounds. Be prepared to experience a range of beautiful and artistic dances that will leave you feeling inspired…and wanting more!
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An accomplished vocalist, songwriter and musician with parents from Panama and Puerto Rico, Saranaide has dipped into her DNA to embrace and celebrate the pulses and sounds of Latin America. Inspired by the legends of soul and jazz riding on the rhythms of the world, Saranaide’s unique sound is sweet honey dripping over a spicy stew.
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Slyboots Circus

Combining elements of traditional West African music and dance, Chinese acrobatics, Contemporary Dance, Puppetry, magic, Indonesian Gamelan and Jazz – you will get an engaging experience that is guaranteed to make bodies move and get hands clapping.
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Big J Blues

With his custom Mississippi Drum Machine underfoot, Big J plays the blues the way they were meant to be played… from the gut!

Shoes and Baggage

The Win and the Sin and the High of the Buy

Shoes and Baggage is about the insatiable urge to purchase and possess beautiful things and the deeper feelings that propel this behavior. Broadway veteran actress and Jonathan Larson award-winning writer Cheryl Stern takes us on a wild, hilarious, and heartbreaking ride of hunting and spending as she digs deep to understand her own obsession with shopping.

From her escapades while in the cast of the star-studded Broadway revival of The Women to her stint as coach and host on The Home Shopping Network, Cheryl portrays over two dozen characters, illuminating a secret yet relatable world of retail enslavement.

Shoes and Baggage is a 75 minute solo odyssey, featuring an original score with lyrics by Cheryl and music by Drama Desk nominated and Emmy Award winning composer Tom Kochan.

In conjunction with 
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Those who call Buffalo home, whether or not they still live in the community, know the sense of pride and closeness that makes Buffalo special. There is a deep connection and love of this place, and we think it should be celebrated.

Made In Buffalo, an ongoing series powered by the Buffalo Jewish Federation, will shine a spotlight on those famous Buffalonians who cut their teeth right here in our backyard.

The purpose of Made in Buffalo is to celebrate a personality who can lay claim to being “made” in our region and allow the Buffalo Jewish Federation to provide a dynamic program as a gift to the greater community.


Marjorie Godin Bryen, Chair  |  Kelly Lignos Ziv  |  Joni Shatkin  |  Nancy Fernandez  |  Susan Grelick  |  Leslie Shuman Kramer   |  Shelly Yellen, President, Buffalo Jewish Federation  |  Rob Goldberg, CEO, Buffalo Jewish Federation  |  Miriam Abramovich, Chief Experience Officer, Buffalo Jewish Federation  |  Jill Komm, Chief Creative Officer, Buffalo Jewish Federation  |  Mike Steklof, Director of Jewish Experience, Center for Jewish Engagement and Learning

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