Jennifer Rosen
March 12, 2021

Jennifer Rosen is a mom, a Pediatric Physical Therapist, and an avid all-season runner.   Originally from Cleveland, Jennifer and her family were engaged with Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple when she grew up, a reform congregation similar to Buffalo’s Temple Beth Zion (TBZ).  When she and her husband Adam (who is a Buffalo native) moved back to Buffalo over a decade ago, she instantly connected with TBZ particularly through teaching in their religious school.  Today she is very involved Jewishly through her kids, Marc who is 10 and Melody who is 8.  “Marc is really into PJ Our Way!” she shared, and has been participating in a series of CJEL virtual game nights for middle schoolers. Jennifer engages herself as a participant in CJEL’s Well Circle (part of the Women Gathering series) meeting each month with other women to mark Rosh Chodesh through connection and exploration of Jewish text.

Jennifer’s passion for running had a strange trigger.  “I had a concussion which led me to the ER.  Afterward I got a fitness watch to monitor my heart rate.  One thing led to another and I began running. Jennifer admits that even though her parents are both runners, she vowed never to run herself. “Frankly, I hated running!”  She now runs with neighbors at least three times a week and has completed several half marathons.  And the weather never gets in her way for she runs in all seasons.  “I even have traction spikes that I attach in the winter so that I don’t slip on the ice.  Yes, I’m that serious about my running!”

Professionally, Jennifer is a Pediatric Physical Therapist and goes into day care centers and works in homes with children with developmental disabilities. She also teaches pediatric content at both Daemen College and the University at Buffalo and has begun to get involved in APTA – the American Physical Therapy Association.  “These days I’m doing mostly tele-health with my clients and its hard for the birth-5 population.  I see a lot of ceilings when I’m doing therapy!” she admits.

Jennifer Rosen - Rosen Family pic