Honey Orange Apricot Tzimmes
September 15, 2023
By: Hannah Mink

Every year, me and my family host our extended family for Rosh Hashanah dinner. We spend hours making brisket, apple crisp, chicken, and more! I love every dish we make, but one of my favorite dishes is one that my mom cooks every year: Honey orange and apricot tzimmes. Tzimmes are a traditional Ashkenazi dish made with carrots, apricots, honey, and other dried fruits.

While I don’t have the exact recipe (it’s been lost over the years – or my mom just wants to keep it a secret), I have found a recipe that is very similar to what my mom cooks every year. This recipe is flexible; feel free to add any kind of dried fruits that you like! Usually, raisins and prunes are added. You can also add chicken and other types of meat if you want to make this into a stew-like dish. I hope you enjoy one of my favorite Rosh Hashanah dishes!


Honey Orange Apricot Tzimmes - Nosh of the Week 2022