Hanukkah Cookies
December 23, 2022
By Sari Arrow

I hope everyone has been enjoying all of the Hanukkah festivities! Even though we are coming to a close on Hanukkah this year, there is still time to knock the dessert game out of the park! To conclude this year’s Hanukkah recipe series… what do you think of Hanukkah decorative cookies?

There is nothing more exciting than getting to decorate your cookies! Shine a light on your creativity during this holiday season and pipe on your decorations! All you need to do is make the dough, cut out your desired shape of the cookies, and then add your pop of color with icing.

This is the perfect Hanukkah activity to do with your entire family this year! Get ready to get your hands dirty, be creative, and share lots of laughs with your family! Who knows… maybe this will become one of your new Hanukkah traditions?

Hanukkah Cookies - Nosh of the Week