Glazed Grilled Carrots
August 6, 2021
By Leah Kramer

Another carrot recipe? What is this madness? I will tell you. This madness is delicious.

Grilled carrots are quite simply the slept on side of the vegetable world. Chock full of Vitamin A, carrots are a healthy and nutritious vegetable. While served cold they can be greeted in the same manner, but when served grilled they taste similar to sweet potato fries… and are greeted with greedy hands trying to sneak as many as they can onto their plate. 

Grilled carrots are the new black, as the saying goes. This recipe is sure to elevate your grilled carrot experience and make you turn orange faster than I can say “I hope I have grilled carrots for dinner tonight”!

Glazed Grilled Carrots - Nosh of the Week