Funfetti Matzah Toffee
March 26, 2021
By Leah Kramer

The best part of Passover are the fun treats that only come during the eight days we do not eat leavened bread. Things that come to mind might be matzah brei, matzah pizza, those random chocolates that we bought from Hebrew School students years ago that we somehow always have in our basements, and gluten free matzah (which I hear tastes like Pringles?). 

However, this year, I present you a new Passover snack: Funfetti Matzah Toffee! I know- it sounds too good to be true. From brown sugar, to white chocolate, to sprinkles, this Passover friendly dessert has it all. The recipe itself is simple enough, with the only difficulty being having to wait for the funfetti matzah toffee to dry and harden while your mouth waters and your eyes grow bigger than your stomach. 

May you all have wonderful and safe Passover Seders. Next year in person!

Funfetti Matzah Toffee - Nosh of the Week