Fried Hot Dogs and Potatoes
February 12, 2021
By Leah Kramer

There is nothing wrong with a little comfort food. Every once in a while it is even necessary; indulging in a dish that provides nothing but a full stomach and feelings of joy? There is no downside! That is exactly what you are getting with this week’s dish: Fried Hot Dogs and Potatoes.

This is a great meal to mix in with your weekly routine. With a total prep time of 15 minutes and very accessible ingredients, this can be a planned meal or even a spontaneous one. Make it healthier by baking instead of frying or substituting sweet potatoes for the yellow potato. Serve with a salad on the side? You got yourself a stellar dinner! In fact, this may or may not be what I am making this weekend….

Fried Hot Dogs and Potatoes - Nosh of the Week