French Toast Casserole
July 29, 2022
By Sari Arrow

Sunday brunch has always been a tradition in my family. Whether it’s bagels and lox with my immediate family or a big spread with my whole family from across the state. Brunch will always be something that I hold close to my heart. Bagel brunch will Hillel of Buffalo during the academic year is a reminder of home and a highlight of every week.

My grandma always makes the most delicious french toast casserole when we have a big family brunch. This has become a staple in my family. Oftentimes, my family members ask her to make it for our birthday! So, I wanted to share a piece of my family with all of you!

I asked my grandma to share her recipe with me, but unfortunately, she does not have it written down or use any measurements for it. I went through a bunch of recipes online with her to try to find a recipe close to hers that she would find acceptable. Run, don’t walk, to make french toast casserole. I promise you and your entire family will love it and will be wanting more!

French Toast Casserole - Nosh of the Week