Easy Sufganiyot
December 9, 2022
By Sari Arrow

What a busy time of year! Hopping from one holiday to the next, let’s keep planning for Hanukkah! It’s time to prepare all of your favorite Hanukkah treats and desserts! 

Traditionally, Hanukkah foods are fried in oil to resemble the oil that gave off light for 8 nights. One of these foods is sufganiyot, also known as jelly donuts. If you have never made donuts before, you are missing out on all the fun and deliciousness!

Do not fear, this recipe does not require a fryer. The donuts are actually fried using a pot of oil instead. Grab a piping bag, pick out your favorite jelly, and fill the center of your donut. Do not forget the finishing touches with your powdered sugar! Try something new this year, and make your own sufganiyot to celebrate Hanukkah with your friends and family!

Easy Sufganiyot - Nosh of the Week