Dr. Sergey Dolgopolski & Dr. Shira Brown
March 10, 2023

Today we are honored to once again cast a spotlight on two community members who are featured in the upcoming Buffalo Day of Jewish Learning on Sunday, March 12 from 10 am-3 pm at the JCC in Getzville.

The first is Dr. Sergey Dolgopolski, the Gordon and Gretchen Gross Professor of Jewish Studies in the Department of Jewish Thought at UB.  He specializes in the Talmud and its interpretation with an emphasis on engagements between Talmudic and philosophical thinking.  His most recent book is Other Others: The Political After the Talmud (Fordham University Press, 2018; available for purchase on Amazon), which puts contemporary political theory and the Talmud into conversation with another.  During the Buffalo Day of Jewish Learning, he will discuss the forthcoming book When Jews Argue: Between the University and the Beit-Midrash, which he coedited with Dr. Ethan Katz of UC Berkley and Dr. Rabbi Elisha Ancselovits of Pardes Institute in Jerusalem. This work is a product of cooperation between academic scholars and rabbis, revealing how both productive engagement and tension between the university and the beit-midrash can co-exist in the study of rabbinic texts.

The second is Dr. Shira Brown who recently began a new role as the Physician Lead for the new South Niagara Hospital project which will involve preparing the 469 bed hospital for operational readiness.  Dr. Brown completed residency at the University of Toronto at North York General Hospital in 2003 where she remained for several years.  In 2009, she joined Niagara Health as an Emergency Medicine specialist.  She served as the site Chief of Emergency Medicine for South Niagara for 11 years where she developed a proven track record in physician change management and financial governance.  During her tenure, Dr. Brown led important interdisciplinary initiatives such as Niagara Health’s internationally recognized Difficult Airway program.  In partnership with McMaster University, she organized the funding and governance to create the Emergency Medicine Researchers of Niagara, a rapidly expanding research incubator in our region.  

Most recently, Dr. Brown graduated from the joint global executive MBA program with Brown University in Rhode Island, and IE Business School in Spain.  Her approach to knowledge acquisition, adoption and practice, while serving patients and leading a team of physicians during the pandemic led her to be recognized as one of the top 102 “Best & Brightest” Executive MBA graduates from across the world.   

For more information and to register for the Buffalo Day of Jewish Learning, visit https://buffalojewishfederation.org/day-of-jewish-learning-2023.  For questions, contact Professor Alex Green agreen6@buffalo.edu

Dr. Sergey Dolgopolski & Dr. Shira Brown - Sergey Shira