Double Chocolate Cookies
June 24, 2022
By Sari Arrow

It’s been a while since I have spoken about desserts. My sweet tooth was calling to me this week, and I knew it was time for a dessert revival for the Nosh of the Week.

This week cookies are being elevated to new heights! I feel like people always stick to the standard recipe on their chocolate chip bag, or they go out and buy cookie mix. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good box mix cookie, but you can still take a box from the store and turn it into something better!

I feel as though the double chocolate chip cookie is one that gets pushed under the rug because it is not the traditional cookie. Sometimes, traditional is boring. Make a chocolate cookie, add extra chips, and maybe even add a different candy! Think outside the box when it comes to cookies! The opportunities are endless!

Double Chocolate Cookies - Nosh of the Week