Cinnamon Buns
December 17, 2021
By Sari Arrow

Everyone’s got a sweet tooth. You can’t try to deny it. The best part of every night is having dessert. Lately, my dessert go-to has been cinnamon buns. I’m sure after you give this recipe a shot, it will be yours too. 

As a kid, my favorite treat was having a cinnamon bun. Now, as I build on my cooking and baking skills, I want to try to recreate my childhood favorites. Let me tell you, this recipe for cinnamon buns brought back so many amazing memories. 

Cinnamon buns are perfect in every way. They have the perfect balance of moisture, sweetness, and warmth. In the colder weather, the perfect way to end the night is by getting cozy by the fireplace with a nice warm cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun. Plus, if you have enough left over, it makes a delicious breakfast!

Cinnamon Buns - Nosh of the Week