Baked Vegetarian Eggrolls
October 6, 2023
By: Hannah Mink

In my synagogue, I always loved celebrating Simchat Torah! A Klezmer band would perform, and everyone would sing and dance with Torahs. At the end of the celebration, the rabbi would unroll an entire Torah, community members would hold up the Torah while standing in a circle, and the cantor would read the end of the last portion of the Torah and start the very beginning of the first portion of the Torah.

On Simchat Torah, some people choose to eat food that are rolled to remind them of the cycle of reading the Torah. So, this week we are making vegetarian eggrolls! These eggrolls are made with a mixture of different vegetables and held together by an eggroll wrapper. And unlike traditional eggrolls, these eggrolls are baked, making them so much easier to cook. I hope you enjoy your baked vegetarian eggrolls!


Baked Vegetarian Eggrolls - Nosh of the Week 2022