Andrew Feldman

Andrew Feldman was born in London, England in March of 1943. Both of his parents were Holocaust survivors, Andy’s mother from Belgium and his father from Hungary. Subsequent to the war, under very difficult circumstances, they both made it to the United States in 1951, settling in Buffalo, New York. They were sponsored by a cousin who lived in Buffalo and Andy became a naturalized citizen along with his parents in 1957.

Andy has been a practicing lawyer for over 50 years and is now semi-retired. As part of his retirement, Andy participates in the Holocaust Resource Center’s Speakers Bureau as a second-generation speaker and volunteer in memory of, and to honor, what his parents and families suffered because of the Holocaust.

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Summary of Presentation

Andrew’s parents’ and their families’ story is one of resilience, survival, and luck during the Holocaust. His father fled Hungary in 1940 on foot and after a harrowing journey through multiple countries, spending nearly one year on the run, being captured, released, recaptured, released and eventually made his way to London, being stowed away on a freighter. His mother and her family were on one of the last ships evacuated from Belgium to England to escape the Nazi invasion of Belgium. It was a harrowing journey but they both made it to London, England in 1940. They were married in 1941, living the rest of the war years during the blitz and severe bombings of London by the Nazis from 1941 to 1945.

One of his father’s sisters was captured in Hungary and sent to Auschwitz. She survived, but her husband did not. She was on the final death march out of Auschwitz and survived that as well. Andy’s father’s other sister and her husband spent the war years hiding in the mountains of Czechoslovakia being cared for by righteous gentiles. His grandmother spent the war years in the Budapest Ghetto, under very difficult circumstances, where many did not survive, though she managed to survive. The family members had no contact with each other from 1941 to 1945. Miraculously, they all survived and were reunited in 1945.

Andrew’s presentation tells the story of one family and how they survived and made it to Buffalo with a reminder of this tragic period in the world’s history.


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