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Priorities & Goals

The following Strategic Priorities and Goals were adopted by the Board of Governors June 2014.

Develop Human Capital

The Buffalo Jewish Federation (BJF) will be obsessed with the notion of developing human capital so that Buffalo’s Jewish community will have a continuous pipeline of high quality volunteer and professional leaders.

Develop and Grow Sources of Funding (Philanthropic Support)

In order to diversify funding streams and increase the financial resources available to positively impact the community,
the BJF is committed to identifying and implementing new ways to raise funds.

Foster Collaboration and Efficiency

Impact can be enhanced and increased through efforts in which multiple parties work together to maximize human and financial resources. Recognizing its unique role in the community, the Federation seeks to encourage, facilitate and identify opportunities for the community’s partners to work more closely together to increase impact.

Establish and Communicate Community Priorities

Based on the findings of the Community Study and other perceived needs, the BJF will work to identify, prioritize, and address needs in a manner consistent with the Federation’s vision and mission.

  • Work with agencies, synagogues, donors, and others to gather data and identify community needs. Initial priority areas (in no specific order) are to include:
    • Building a vibrant Jewish community
    • Services to Jewish seniors (well and those in need)
    • Creating safety nets for more vulnerable (Jewish poor and elderly)
    • Engagement of younger members of the Jewish community (young families, children and teens)
    • Jewish Education and Engagement
    • Jewish Cultural Arts
    • Leadership Development
    • Israel Advocacy
    • Kol Yisrael (Global Jewry)
  • Build the organization (professional staff, lay leadership and intra-community planning cabinets) to plan and implement programs and services, grow funding and prioritize and award allocations around priorities.